Clara Alija Senra

Clara Alija Senra

Clara was born in a small city sorrounded by green mountains in the
North of Spain, at the young age of seven she began her basson lessons in
the Conservatory of Ponferrada untill she was eighteen. During this period
she performed with several youth orchestras, and assisted to courses with
Steve Harriswangler (Soloist of the Simphonic Orquestra of Galicia),
Enrique Abargues (Soloist of the Spanish National Orchestra) Sergio
Azzolini, among others.
She continued her study in Oviedo, Granada and the Hague. In these
miscellaneous places she found out her interest for other music styles
aside classical, like flamenco and latin jazz. Reason why after finishing
her Classical Bachelor in Granada she decided bring her music to a new
level by studing in the Latin Jazz department in the Codarts Coservatory
at Rotterdam.
In The Netherlands she has performed with the Zeeuws Orkest, Zeeuws
KamerorkestTY, Bach Orkest, Ricciotti Ensemble