Irene Ruipérez

Irene Ruipérez

Active and activist, Irene Ruipérez (Cuenca, SP) is a flutist and educator involved in different aspects of performance, music making, multidisciplinary projects and teaching activities.

Classically trained flutist (Conservatory of Music “Victoria Eugenia”, with Javier Castiblanque, Granada, SP; Koninklijke Conservatory, with Jeroen Bron, The Hague, NL), she is interested in extended practices and innovative uses of the flute applied to diverse transversal fields. Her education also includes a degree in Music Pedagogy (SP), Master in Music Education (NL) and a course Sonology (NL).

She has taken several training courses with: Davide Formissano, Vincent  Lucas, Hansgeorg Schmeiser, Peter Lukas Graf, Raphael Leone, Vicens Prats, Julian Elvira, Juana Guillem, Eduardo Pausá, Alvaro Octavio, Miguel Angel Angulo, Magdalena Martinez, Frederik Ghijselinck, Monica Raga, Julian Sperry, Juan Ronda and Amparo Trigueros, as well as Training in Musical Analysis, Alexander Technique, Ergonomics and Stage Fright.

During the last few years she has been soloist member of the Andalucía Youth Orchestra, the Orchestra of the University from Granada and the Academic Orchestra from Granada.  She have also participated in numerous collaborations with other orchestras and bands within includes Ciudad de Baza Orchestra, Ad Libitum Orchestra, Symphonic Band Association Granada, Municipal Music Band (Cuenca), Youth Orchestra (Cuenca) , etc.

Aside from orchestral projects, she is currently participating on several ensemble projects (Quatriola Ensemble and Catchpenny Ensemble among others) in a wide range of styles such as classical, contemporary, experimental, folk and free improvisation. With a large trajectory in chamber music (“Hemiolia ” quartet, “Shanties Ensemble”  wind quintet among others) Winner of the First Prize in chamber music at the UCLM competition (2013) with the “Esperanto Trio”.

Currently she combines her music project with her work as a teacher in the Koninklijke Conservatory and the ESH in The Hague.